Our Vision

Our Mission


To assist leaders in creating opportunities for disabled adults and children to be part of their communities.

Develop ways to enlighten, equip, and engage leaders to assist families caring for individuals with special needs within the community.

  • Enlighten area leaders on the disabled in their sphere of influence.
  • Provide educational and instructional workshops, training, and outreach opportunities.
  • Establish and strengthen community organizations.
  • Connect resources and re-establish community based partnerships for the disabled.
  • Empower organizations and community based programs to create outreach for disabled adults/children and their families by working together on a grass root level.
On your local level...

The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, 501(c) 3 # 20795051.
TRC does not charge or solicit any family using our outreach and services.
It incurs no debt, receives no federal or state funding, but is maintained by concerned individuals, corporate sponsors, congregational donations.
The Resource Connection, Inc. is overseen by Full Board of Directors, key committee, and volunteer members, who are or have been personally affected by a disability or caring for a loved one in need.
Because of our strong passion and personal journeys we are empowered to continue to be a boundary crosser as we open doors and hearts so our families can be part of a community.



Joanna B. Frank
Founder/Executive Director of the Resource Connection, Inc.

- 30 years of professional experience

- 20 years as a parent

- Commitment to breaking down physical, emotional, and cultural barriers for the disabled

- Organize workshops and training to over 1000 congregations

- Dedication to connect resources and re-establish community based partnerships for the disabled

- Advocate for health, human rights, and individuals in need

- Develop community partnerships


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