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Training and Workshops:
Design, development, and delivery of workshops and training seminars

Mathew Frank Memorial Scholarship:
Scholarships awarded to High School seniors who volunteer in their community with persons with special needs

 Tyler Frank Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship awarded high school seniors pursuing career as a First Responders

Establish and strengthen organizations and community-based programs to create outreach for disabled adults, children, and their families by working together on grass roots efforts



Community Connections:
Enlighten area leaders about people with special needs in their sphere of influence by providing awareness, education and outreach opportunities.

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Resource Center:
A replicatable  center providing resources, community connections, and services to adults and children with disabilities in their families

 Missions Outreach:
Provide a mission field for influencial community members to connect and create change for the disabled

Mathew's Light:
Collecting change to create change, which provides direct outreach to individuals who need specific care of or for a child/adult with a special need- both domestic and international support provided, and provides adaptive equipment donated to uninsured families in need of wheelchairs, electric scooters, and home modifications.

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