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Family Impact

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70% of moms cannot continue to work and provide care to a disabled child. 

1 in 4 children with disabilities are cared for by a single mom 

80% divorce rate for parents of a child with a disability 

90% divorce rate for families who have a child with autism 

Every 53 seconds an American suffers a stroke 

90% divorce rate for families whose child passes away 

2/3 of families with a disabled child have incomes below $50,000 

1 in 5 children will need mental health services 

47% of foreclosures are due to serious medical health problems


200 people will have a disability in a neighborhood of 600 people 

1 in 5 families will be affected by disabilities (120 families)

1 in 4 mothers will suffer from diagnosed depression

18 families will have a family member with (MR) Intellectual Disability

1 person will be affected by (MR) intellectual disabilities

100 individuals will be affected in their lifetime by mental illness

1 in 48 children will be diagnosed with autism 

150 families have a loved one with a serious brain disorder

1 in 8 children (6-14 years old) will have a disability 


46% of persons with a disability are employed

52% of people over 65 years old has a disability

Every 16 seconds a child is diagnosed with a Autism

3.3 million people 15 years or older use a wheel chair

1 in 4 Americans will have a loved one experience a serious mental health need

50% of those Americans will have need for serious mental health before they are 15 years old

1 in 4 mothers suffer from diagnosed depression

400,000 people will die this year of a disability from overeating